How to Optimize POP Merchandising Displays

Chapter Eight

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How to Optimize POP Merchandising Displays

Chapter Eight (2:09)

Steve Frenda:

One of the things that we've seen over the years in retail chains is an ebb and flow between clean floor policies and their whole philosophy on merchandising.

One of our editors from Shopper Marketing is in the audience.  He labeled one of those Walmart efforts once, “in-actionality” as opposed to “actionality”.   Would you comment on that?

Peter Bond:

I'll put my “shopper-insights hat” on first.

I know from looking at heat mapping tracking of customers, particularly in grocery, they tend to shop the perimeter.

The ability to try and drive sales for products that are in aisles is a challenge for a lot of retailers.

There's a tendency to want to put things on the display to get it in front of customers.  That's great, but it gets to be cumbersome when you can't even get down the aisle because there are things blocking it.

Using the insights to be able to identify which displays work and which displays don't will help retailers find that happy medium of how many displays they really need on the floor.

This knowledge will help them drive incrementality of sales without distracting customers from being able to navigate the store.

The other end of the extreme is not being presented with anything because you don't want any obstruction on the floor.

Jill Andersen:

It has been a continuous cycle from “clean floor” to “stacking it high and letting it fly” and back and forth.

The opportunity for maintaining that line of sight and the clean store obviously needs to be there.

We know both for the retailer and the brand there are incremental sales that you're going to get out of that.  

You don't want to walk away from.

Finding that happy medium is extremely important.

The need to collaborate from a retailer perspective and a brand perspective would certainly help with understanding what is coming from a retailer standpoint.

The colaboration will give them the ablility to present the most effective displays for the opportunity.

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NRF 2017 Panel Speakers: 

Steve Frenda:  Managing Director, Path to Purchase

Brandon Barr:  Director of Retail Marketing and Insights for Duracell

Peter Bond:  Managing Partner of  Bond Unlimited,  

Jill Andersen:  Director of Marketing for Menasha Packaging Company

Frank Krug:  Director of Technology for TPN

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