The Shelfbucks merchandising measurement product is a real win for the store operations team.

When we are talking to our customers they first think,  "Oh, this is going to be a tool that's going to point out how

store operations isn't doing their job and isn't executing programs effectively".

But of course, that's not what is really happening. 

There's a very complicated planning process that is happening category by category.

Way in advance of when these things are going to hit the stores.

That's hard to time.
What then happens is a lot of programs end up flooding stores at the same time. 

They're not always targeted perfectly at the stores they're going to. It's just very difficult for store operations to execute on everything all at once.
It would take this perfect scenario of everything selling through at the exact right time it's predicted.

Everything arriving when it is supposed to.

That's not what happens. 

One of the things that we do, Shelfbucks really makes visible what has traditionally been invisible.

We make it really clear when programs are selling slower than they should.

The programs are still on floor and are causing inventory problems.

We highlight when there's too many programs sitting in the store, more than they can execute.

Our goal is really to be an ally to both merchandising and the store operations

so that they can plan what can affectively be executed and when there are gaps in that perfect plan.

We can surface how to improve that going forward so everybody wins!

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