Rx Compliance and Automation

Protect, track and control unique shipments.

Compliance and traceability of RX products is critical to increasing profits and avoiding unnecessary expenses, but todays busy and understaffed pharmacies are challenged to perform these tasks effectively.

Shelfbucks RX Compliance and Automation platform ensures real-time compliance, detailed traceability, reduces pharmacy labor burden and improves customer satisfaction. All of these benefits work together to improve profits and decrease expenses.



Monitor and record totes and other important RX packages in real-time across the entire supply and store chain. Monitor where every package/product is at any given time. Identify issues before they result in unplanned charges or loss.


With Shelfbucks detailed monitoring data you can truly understand package/product locations, timing, compliance, inventory impacts, etc. for all of your high value and highly sensitive items.


Automated inventory check-in assures just-in-time alignment, while targeted notifications ensure compliance and reduce loss. Shelfbucks deeply integrates into tools and processes to drive the best actions, by the right people at the best time, in order to decrease waste, decrease labor hours and improve profits.

Reevaluate your strategy and demand real ROI.