Retail Display Optimization

Gain 20-35% more incremental sales volume from detailed display performance, operational alerts and display planning.

The Display Optimization system for retailer and CPG companies optimizes and automates many of most challenging factors that have traditionally hindered display program performance. Shelfbucks Display Optimization Service delivers the first ever end-to-end optimization platform, with proven compliance improvement and increased sell-through, and it plugs seamlessly into existing planning and operations processes.

Execute More Displays and Increase Sales Volume

Through field leadership reports and daily alerts to stores, Shelfbucks MEASURE can improve the execution of top-performing displays by 20-35%. That improved execution by top-performing displays can drive 20-35% increases in sales. Plus, you'll experience a reduction in on-hand inventory and improved ROI on trade spending.

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Supply Chain Optimization

  • Packout integration & coordination
  • Packout monitoring
  • Retail distribution monitoring
  • Delivery accuracy
  • Delivery timing
  • Geographic trends
  • Exception tracking and remediation

Compliance Maximization

  • On-box notifications
  • Integrated merchandising tools
  • Informative alerts
  • Compliance tasks
  • Inventory notifications
  • Compliance assessments
  • Scorecards

Sell-through Maximization

  • Integrated merchandising tools
  • Asset planning tools
  • Compliance tasks
  • Inventory notifications
  • Compliance assessments
  • Scorecards


Monitor the entire lifecycle of high value promotional displays and signage through planning, packout, supply chain, stock rooms, selling floors and recycling, to ensure there’s a comprehensive and consistent understanding of promotional effectiveness throughout the organization.


This new information allows you to finally understand what factors are impacting display performance: compliance, sales, sell-through, inventory impact, performance clusters, etc., finally allowing for informed actions that will improve performance.


This new understanding becomes actionable due to Shelfbucks deep integration into your tools and processes, identifying the right actions to take and the best people and times to perform those actions, and and ensuring results through targeted and timely communication.

Reevaluate your strategy and demand real ROI.