Pallet Optimization & Tracking

Generate more sales by increasing program compliance.

Pallets present special challenges when monitoring their use and effectiveness. Unlike disposable displays, pallets last several years, are subjected to a wider range of natural elements and are re-used across many different initiatives. The Shelfbucks Pallet Optimization Service delivers the first ever end-to-end optimization platform to:

  • Increase Sales and Profit Per Pallet
  • Decrease Cycle Times
  • Reduce In-store Inventory
  • Improve Customer and Partner Satisfaction


Shelfbucks monitors the intersection of pallets and programs and provide a means to understand and optimize each. Shelfbucks tracks pallet utilization, identifies sticking points, etc. In addition, Shelfbucks monitors pallet program effectiveness: program compliance, sales, profits, inventory impacts, etc.


With this detailed data on pallets and programs, Shelfbucks understands what’s happening across the entire system, which issues are systemic or one-time issues, and can leverage this knowledge to optimize pallet utilization, decrease cycle times, optimize pallet program effectiveness by increasing program compliance, sales and profits, etc.


Benefits are realized through change, so the Shelfbucks platform drives new and different actions within key processes. To accomplish this, Shelfbucks deeply integrates into tools and processes to drive the best actions, by the right people at the best time. Unlike solutions that simply deliver reports, this approach delivers tangible performance improvements that result in real financial benefits.

Reevaluate your strategy and demand real ROI.