CPG and Retailer Planning and Forecasting

Add data-driven accuracy to your existing process.

Targeted promotion and strategic inventory planning is key to efficient operations and ROI, but many brands and retailers are missing key datasets required to develop accurate forecasting predictions and plans.

Shelfbucks Plan & Forecast Services leverages previously-unavailable datasets to create data-driven insights and analytics models for promotional planning. These services and tools complement existing planning processes and support the various stakeholders that require input, review and approval.



Capture detailed compliance and performance data across Displays, Pallets, Totes, Signage, High Value Items, etc. required to derive new insights and develop accurate predictive forecasting models.


Leverage Shelfbucks data-driven insights and predictive models to identify high performing store clusters and program configurations that reduce waste and increase sales and margin.


Incorporate Shelfbucks insights and planning recommendations without overhauling your entire planning process. Shelfbucks integrates into your current business processes to ensure each effective and efficient stakeholder involvement and collaboration.

Reevaluate your strategy and demand real ROI.