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"Shelfbucks data points are exactly what the CPG wants. It will literally change the way the industry measures performance."—Bill Martin, founder of Shoppertrak


How to Optimize POP Merchandising Displays

Video Series

The panelist will walk you through the importance of tracking your most important merchandising campaigns. 2017 NRF Big Show Industry Leader Panel Erik McMillan and Steve Frenda.

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How it Works!

Charlie Walden, Technology Advisor How sensors ID the steps  CPG displays take in the supply chain...
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We Make Visible What Was Invisible

Kevin Staumbaugh, EVP, Shelfbucks can identify  effectiveness of each campaign...
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We Make Displays Smart!

Kris Milam, Dir. of Manufacturing describes the  benefits of making CPG displays smart...
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CPG's & Retailers - We Get You on the Same Side of Desk

Gary Overhultz, EVP:  Everyone wins when the right product is in the right place at the right time...
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What can be measured can be improved

Kevin Staumbaugh, EVP, Shelfbucks allows you to  measure display execution for the first time...
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Does Your Dashboard Find You Money?

Erik McMillan, CEO:  Your dashboard helps improve your campaign execution & in-store sales...
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It's Proven to give you a Sales Lift!

Kevin Staumbaugh, EVP, Select & target most  effective programs & work w/ store operations...
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More Data Gleans You the Most Insights

Kevin Staumbaugh, EVP More data will help the way  programs are planned and targeted...
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Can You Be Everywhere?

Erik McMillan, Founder, The cloud, with strong  security, allows you to be everywhere...
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What Gets Measured Gets Done

For the first time, CPGs can know what's happening  to their product and work in concert...
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That's POWER!

Catherine Lindner, Chief Merchant, The power  to measure execution & engage shoppers...
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The Right SKU Mix to WIN!

Erik McMillan, Founder,SKU's are important...but  SKU's are not created equal...
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Collect Data by Individual Display & Individual Store

George Garrick, Know how much of a lift is being generated by display & store and if its being set up...
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Shelfbucks follows current best security practices

Kevin Stambaugh, We stay on the cutting edge of security practices...
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Erik McMillan, Founder, You have data but what you need is answers to improve your results...
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