Many of the most effective companies today are effective because they are using algorithms on large sets of data to do a better job of tuning, targeting and predicting results.That's our end goal here at Shelfbucks.We are generating some unique data that's never before been possible to see.

We are doing it at a massive scale. What that enables is the kind of really sophisticated data analysis and machine learning that will let you do much more accurate forward-looking predictive analysis. That's going to start to affect everything from how programs are bought, how programs are planned, how they are targeted.  

Ultimately even how they are treated once they get to stores. You can only do that with massive amounts of data. The reason that companies like Google and Facebook are so successful, isn't just because they have smart people looking at their data. That's great. It's because they have the most data.

If you have the most data, you can glean the most insights. You can learn the most actionable things with which to go forward. That's exactly what we are doing here at Shelfbucks. It's not just about pulling some data in and putting it into an analytic screen for people to study. It's an evolutionary process...that is absolutely step one.

Over time there's so much data generated that you can start to look at amazingly
detailed patterns that you just never could have foreseen. Those are going to start to bear fruit in a way that the industry doesn't quite comprehend. It is really going to be game changing.

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