Bill Martin (1:58)
Measure the Life Cycle of Every Promotion.
The CPG's for years and years have used in-store point of sale promotional materials.
There's a life cycle within those promotional materials that begins from the time that the
corrugated is manufactured by the corrugated companies, until it gets to the distribution center for the retail distribution, and into the stores.
Often times, we are discovering, many of these corrugated displays end up
just sitting in the back stockroom and never make it to the floor.
It's an expensive proposition for the CPG's in that they lose sales.
They lose opportunity and they spend money promoting it outside the store.
When the consumer gets to the store they can't find the product.
The Shelfbucks platform allows us to measure the life cycle of every promotion
that a CPG puts in the stores.
  • Now we know when it reached the distribution center.
  • How long it stays there.
  • We know when it reached the store.
  • We know where it ended up in the store.
  • We know if it's in the back stockroom or if it made it out to the floor.
  • We know the right time and the right date that the promotion was supposed to begin.
Now CPG's know, that if it didn't make it to the floor that they have an opportunity to
remediate with the retailer.  To ask them to put forth additional effort to put that program out in the store.
We can improve the compliance of deliveries and staging the promotion correctly on the retail floor.
We know that will produce an incremental increase in sales and an increase in contribution to margin.
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