The goal of the Shelfbucks merchandising measurement product is to improve the ROI of traditional merchandising programs in-store. The underpinning of that is the ability to measure merchandising effectiveness at a level that's never before been possible. The way we actually turn that into better returns for both retailers and manufacturers is three ways.

The first is we help select the most effective programs by looking at some historical data and some recent trending data. We can help pick the programs that are most likely to be effective in upcoming time slots.

The second thing is, once a program has been selected, we help target that program to the stores where it's most likely to be affected. Both in terms of execution and in terms of sales lift. We look at really detailed data on category and historical trends to really target that program to the best possible stores.

Then finally, once that's been selected and targeted appropriately, we work with the store operations team to make sure the execution, while that program is in-store, is as high as it can possibly be. We have mechanisms that identify programs that are performing but are under executed. 

We can work with the store ops teams to make sure that the most effective programs are on floor for the longest period of time. That's going to generate the high net sales for both retailers and manufacturers. The ability to select the best programs, target them at the best stores, and ensure the highest execution is guaranteed to give you a lift on your merchandising programs.

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