How Shelfbucks MEASURESM Delivers Value to CPG's & Retailers

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It’s challenging to track displays through a complex supply chain all the way to the store because of the many steps and parties involved.

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Together, we spend significant resources launching promotional display programs to drive product sales at retail.  Historically, there has been little data to measure and optimize these programs.

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Shelfbucks MEASURESM insights and alerts enable retailers and CPG Brands to make confident, data-driven decisions based on specific, daily campaign performance. SM

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Once at the store, Shelfbucks MEASURESM tracks when the display moves to the selling floor.  Alerts are automatically sent to store personnel so high-performing displays get to the selling floor and exceed sales targets.

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In addition, Shelfbucks MEASURESM calculates incremental display sales by product SKU to improve promoted product mix in future campaigns.

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Ultimately, Shelfbucks MEASURESM enables optimization of every display program in every store, every day, which increases sales, margin, trade dollar efficiency and store experience while also reducing markdowns and excess inventory.

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An extension of the platform, Shelfbucks ENGAGESM allows shoppers to easily opt-in to receive a digital experience from the display including coupons, product reviews and other content through the retailer’s mobile app.

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Shelfbucks – The number one Internet of Things merchandising optimization and mobile engagement platform.

How to Optimize POP Merchandising Displays

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