How to Optimize POP Merchandising Displays

Chapter Three

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How to Optimize POP Merchandising Displays

Chapter Three (1:04)

Steve Frenda:  How do you measure in-store display compliance?

Frank Krug:

As the agency, we have line of sight into how many retailers and brands are wrestling with that question. 

And they are, in fact, wrestling with it.

It varies. In some cases it's really primitive.  People are literally going out with a sheet of paper and a checklist, driving around each store, ticking it off, going back, putting it in an excel spreadsheet. Somebody collates all the spreadsheets.

It's great you have all the data, but there's no easy way to query it and find out what the issues are and where the problems are.

In a more sophisticated way, some retailers have an app where the sales force walks in, it geo-locates to that particular store, comes up with a list of questions where displays are supposed to be. They walk through, take pictures, and that all gets uploaded into the cloud.

A lot more efficient.  All the data is in one place.  Queries are a little bit easier.

There's still obviously a lot of room for improvement.

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NRF 2017 Panel Speakers: 

Steve FrendaManaging Director, Path to Purchase Institute, Division of Ensemble IQ

Brandon Barr:  Director of Retail Marketing and Insights for Duracell

Peter Bond:  Managing Partner of  Bond Unlimited,  

Jill Andersen:  Director of Marketing for Menasha Packaging Company

Frank Krug:  Director of Technology for TPN

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