The CPG brands and retailers have known for a long time the best way to drive incremental sales is with displays. There's been plenty of data on that for 10 or 20 years now. The problem is all that data has been on a fairly aggregate basis. It hasn't been store by store. It certainly hasn't been display by display.

The most unique thing that Shelfbucks brings to the party is, we can now collect this data by individual store and buy individual display within the store. We know precisely how much of a lift, how much additional sales, that display is generating.

We also know whether to the displays are being set up the way they are supposed to be.
If you have a display that is generating a 60% increase in sales but only 30% of those displays are at actually getting set up you're losing the potential sales you could get have if those other 70% were set up. This will be the first time this date is available. It's immensely valuable to both retailers and CPG companies.

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