Our Shelfbucks merchandising measurement product is a very simple product to understand. CPG's and retailers put an amazing amount of time, effort and money into producing just tremendous in-store marketing campaigns.

But today there's no data on did those displays make it to the store?
Did they make it to the selling floor?
How long did they stay up? What sales did they generate?

Well, with the addition of our Shelfbucks merchandising product a CPG can add real-time continuous data to their in-store merchandising program by adding a small inexpensive digital sensor to their display when it's packed out. Our point of purchase packaging partners install the sensors.

When that display ships to the supply chain, just like it does today, into the retail store, we can tell you through a simple online dashboard, exactly where those displays are in the supply chain.

Are they in the supply chain?
Are they in the back room at the store?
Are they on the selling floor?
How many days have they been on the selling floor?
When do they come off the selling floor?

And not only that, but we can tell you exactly what your sales were at each store when the display was up and when it was not up, so you can finally have data to understand which of your programs are effective. Which of your programs are not effective. Which of your programs are not up yet in the supply chain. How do you improve that?

The most important thing I think our customers will get from our merchandising measurement product is increased in-store execution.

If you're measuring what's happening, and that date is getting back to your retail partner.  
They can make changes to positively impact your execution rates and you're corresponding sales numbers.

So work with Shelfbucks on your merchandising measurement programs today to increase your in-store execution as well as your in-store sales.

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