Shelfbucks has taken the current trend of electronics becoming sort of ambiguously integrated into our lives.

Electronics are integrated into the retail supply chain process for the point of purchase displays.

By that, we have the concept of a small piece of disposable electronics that gets integrated into the

point-of-purchase display at pack out and

then it travels with the display through the supply chain ultimately landing at the retail store.

What this gives us is the ability for that device to broadcast small sort of

beacon like packets that allows us to detect that it's arrived at the store. 

Then once it's arrived at the stores we can also detect whether it has been put out in the front of the store or

whether it's just staying in the back of the store.

Your dashboard can also determine when it's life is over and when it actually leaves the store.

For the first time we can very precisely measure these data points in every retail store in

every campaign that's enabled with Shelfbucks.

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