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Jul 20, 2017 9:54:41 AM | By Cheryl Rippy

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Your POP journey is much like the Tour de France. Without a road map, you’d be lost.

Cycling is a sport, and the Tour is its pinnacle. If marketing is a sport, Optimizing POP Displays is its pinnacle. 

There's been a massive pent-up demand for insights for POP Displays for decades. This technology is here, deployable, scalable, affordable and fits into your current systems. 

The industry is ready for this now. 

“SCM World hosted 100 C-level supply chain executives in London for the 7th annual Leaders Forum in July, 2017.

The takeaway for most was a heady mix of exciting possibility, genuine threat and budding confidence that supply chain leaders are ready to build and own the road map for taming digital disruption in operations.

Supply chain, which encompasses nearly all material movement, conversion and delivery is suddenly faced with a digital technology landscape that is far more than just software for process enablement and transaction tracking.

Digital is transforming process, product and even people. As such, it demands much more than just a project plan. For many, this remains a challenge. Live polling of the audience on the question of barriers to digitization found a huge portion hindered by the lack of an overall road map.” ..."Your Road Map to a Digital Supply Chain" by Kevin O'Marah, Forbes Contributor, 7/13/17

Your POP journey is much like the Tour de France.

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Without a road map, you’d be lost.

Cycling is a sport, and the Tour is its pinnacle. Founded in 1903 by Henri Desgrange, editor of L'Auto newspaper, the Tour is the biggest annual sporting event in the world and has more live spectators than even the Olympic Games or Fifa World Cup.

In order to make a tour-eligible team, you must be an outstanding pro racer. Then your team must be chosen as one of the top 20 in the world. Beyond this, you need to be chosen as one of your team's nine best riders to make the Tour squad. What this means it that the worst rider in the Tour de France would drop your local pros (those guys you see riding around really fast in your town wearing matching uniforms) like they were little old ladies on Huffys with flowered baskets.

Winning the Tour requires that you be blessed with an enormous amount of natural talent. You must dedicate your life to peaking for one 3-week period each year. To get into Tour shape, Lance Armstrong weighed each bit of food he ate during the early season until his weight was low enough to enable him to hit a speed fast enough to win. Since you can only produce so much wattage by gaining strength, weight must be reduced in order to increase speed up a mountain. According to his coach, Chris Carmichael, if Lance weighed the same as he did before he had cancer (when he was a talented but unfocused racer), he would lose three and a half minutes in the 15 kilometers up L'Alpe d'Huez to rival Jan Ullrich, as opposed to gaining a minute. Danish racer Frank Hoj commented, "Armstrong was the most focused of all the riders. He did everything he was supposed to, exactly as he should, without fail. No one else is willing to do this." For a Tour rider, completing a climb like L'Alpe d'Huez is no big deal. Three-time Tour winner (and first American winner) Greg LeMond said, "It's not the mountains that makes the Tour hard. It's how fast you go up them."

Today, marketing is a sport…Optimizing POP Displays, is its pinnacle. Retail sales grew 3.6% in 2016, outperforming overall GDP growth, and NRF forecasts even stronger growth in 2017. Retail directly employs more than 13 million American workers and supports 42 million jobs overall.

You choose your team from the best in their field.  But what is your plan?  Your road map?

“...This analysis provides a sound business and cost-benefit rationale to help you create only the materials you need--in the right quantities--using the most cost-effective formats, production processes and delivery methods relative to the value of the transaction.

This last point is an important one--and a logical extension of a segmented marketing program. You can't effectively target markets and audiences with a "one size fits all" approach to marketing materials. You need to know where it pays to spend more money to make more money, by reserving costlier production techniques like customization and personalization for your higher value prospects and customers.”...Three Steps to Optimize Marketing ROI, by David Lowndes, 11/1/05

You are not in this for the short term.  Like the Tour de France, you are in for all 23 stages.

Even after all of your preparations, you would never send your riders out without a tracking device. Why do you send your most valuable and profitable POP Displays out without a tracking device?

Every Tour de France team has a “Command Center”.  Your “Digital Optimization” starts with your dashboard…your “Command Center”.

Your 23-day marketing campaign has as many stages as the Tour de France race and as many roadblocks. 

  • Can you predict the weather of your region?
  • Will your ad spend hit the stores at the same time your display is “racing through town”?
  • Does your sales lift have enough gas to make it up the L'Alpe d'Huez?
  • How healthy are your “riders/campaigns”?
  • Will your “riders/campaigns” arrive too early for the race and lose maximization?
  • Will your “riders/campaigns” quite the race too early and lose maximization?
  • How do you communicate during the race?
  • Can you create a “draft for your lead rider” by sending notifications while your campaigns are live?
  • Is your support team ready for the flat tires, crashes, blown off-course and other roadblocks of your campaigns through inventory notification and movement?
  • How can I compare my “racers/campaigns” on a national level, district performance, store ranking?

The final week of this Tour is set for huge drama. Just 29 seconds cover the top four riders with five stages remaining before the ­traditional finale in Paris.

The final week of your campaign with your product remaining on the sales floor till the end, can result in an additional million dollars in sales.

Shelfbucks MEASURESM is your road map.

Never enter a race without your interactive dashboard and Improved Feedback System:

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How Shelfbucks Delivers Value to  CPG's & Retailers (2:00 Video Here)


The industry is ready for this now.

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On your mark!...Get set!...Go!

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