What objections will retailers and executives have to Shelfbucks?

Aug 4, 2016 4:16:35 PM | By Kevin Stambaugh

I think the biggest concern of any retailer or brand is going to be that they've been doing this for a long time.  They've got ways they each like to run their business, ways they like to look at their customers, to segment their customers and interact with their customers.  So I think the biggest challenge is is going to be, we want to work the way they work.



What happens a lot of times when you are building a new technology you tend to envision it one way and then you ask all of your customers to fit into that way.

I think what we're trying to do differently and where we will be successful is we really need to fit into  the retailers way of doing things.  We're trying to build is a platform that is flexible enough to do that. We'll work your way.  I think in early conversations that has been the part where they voice some concern. I think where we've had such success is simply making sure that they can do things the way they have been doing them and leverage our platform to be a valuable extension to that and not have to reinvent the way they interact with customers and run their stores.

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