Trends for in-store signage include Measurable results

Nov 3, 2017 5:11:39 PM | By Ed Anderson

According to a recent article in Progressive Grocer, current trends for in-store signage emphasize more informative content, customized experiences, employee education and, most importantly, measurable results.

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The article features Shelfbucks CEO Erik McMillan and helps both retailers and consumer packaged goods manufacturers understand the industry’s greatest opportunity to gain millions of data points and significantly increase the performance of in-store merchandising.



Erik McMillan, founder and CEO of Shelfbucks, in Austin, Texas, points out that as many as 50 percent of in-store merchandising materials never leave the back room or aren’t executed in the right way at the right time.

Measuring in-store merchandising, he says, “has historically been costly, inaccurate and otherwise impractical. In-store signage has always been a limited, one-way form of communication.”

According to McMillan, Shelfbucks’ MEASURE platform addresses these challenges by incorporating sensors into all in-store signage and merchandising, enabling CPGs and retailers to track their campaigns from production through execution by measuring in-store performance with what he calls “unprecedented accuracy.”

“Our platform also enables in-store merchandising to engage directly with shoppers’ smartphones, delivering product videos, ratings and reviews, coupons, and other relevant content,” he says.

The Shelfbucks platform also gauges key factors like shopper traffic and conversion rates. “After all, you can’t improve what you can’t measure,” McMillan says.

The platform is a “pull” model for customer engagement, McMillan explains, meaning that it doesn’t send unwanted spam content to shoppers, but enables them to “pull” the information they want by placing their smartphones next to the sensor-enabled signage and displays.

“In the future,” he says, “we believe every in-store store campaign will be measurable, adjustable and more effective.”


More information about accurately measuring POP display campaigns is available here.

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