The Race for Intelligent, Integrated Stores is on!

Mar 15, 2017 10:00:00 AM | By Edward Anderson

                                                                                                                                                              ChainLink Research, in an article Published on March, 14, 2017,  looks at the landscape and relevant solutions from this year's NRF 2017 Show..."  by Bill McBeath

  ..."The broader movement towards intelligent, integrated stores has been incubating for years."

Shelfbucks—A Practical Approach to Tracking Promotion Execution  

"ChainLink Research has shown that one of the biggest factors determining the success or failure of promotions is execution—were the displays and product delivered to the retailer on time? Did the retailer set up and stock the displays on time for the 


Shelfbucks Display Location Graphic 2017.png

"Shelfbucks is focused on providing visibility to both the manufacturer/brand owner and retailer to ensure proper execution of promotions. Their solution is designed to minimize the effort and friction to get set up and start. They are working with promotional display manufacturers to get their tags built into the displays. Their readers are completely self-contained, with a 5-year battery and built-in cellular connectivity, so there’s no requirement for power or network connectivity from the retailer on-site. It is magnetically mounted, so just find a place to stick it and you’re good to go. Neither the retailer nor the manufacturer pays for readers or infrastructure, so there are zero incremental startup costs. Instead, they pay by the campaign, so are only paying as they are receiving value, getting ongoing data about the disposition of the displays for the campaign.

Their solution uses proprietary long-range IoT radio sensor technology, which Shelfbucks told me has a read range of over a kilometer. That means you don’t need many readers—just three readers per store, even for very large stores, it provides the required locating capabilities. With that setup, they can tell when a display has arrived at the store and whether it is still sitting in the back of the store or has been put out onto the sales floor. Those of you in the industry with longer memories may recall Goliath did promotional display tracking for several years. There was a lot of interest and Goliath proved out the potential and value. However, the technology wasn’t quite ready; readers were quite expensive, the cost per store was high, and the business model not quite right. Costs have come down a lot and a lot has been learned about the right business and technology model. Shelfbucks acquired the IP assets of Goliath last year, as well as some of their key employees. It looks like Shelfbucks is well positioned to finally make promotional display execution tracking work at scale, with a clear ROI."  

(by Bill McBeath, Published on March, 14, 2017  ChainLink Research)

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