Are Your Industry Initiatives Impactful?

Sep 7, 2016 3:38:31 PM | By Gary Overhultz


One of the key question is,

"Why haven't industry initiatives from

the past been more impactful in improving

merchandise display executions?” 









 Gary Overhultz, Chief Implementation Officer at Shelfbucks would argue first that they have been impactful. There are partial answers to questions about program effectiveness, probable program timing, and some reasonable information available on how to improve them.  However, the information that's available is lagged, sample based, and often anecdotal. So it leaves companies with little actionability to improve these programs. Shelfbucks has the type of information that I think will win the day.

Josh Tong, Director of Product at Shelfbucks adds another one of the reasons that a lot of industrywide initiatives haven't worked in the past...
We are at an opportunity where technology is now cost effective enough to allow monitoring at a really broad and detailed scale. Something that has not been cost-effective enough and robust enough over the past decade.
I think Shelfbucks offers an opportunity now to measure everything at a granular level. See what is working and see what isn't. I think this opportunity is really going to get traction and be affective for large retailers and CPG's.

Gary was a founder of Goliath Solutions, which created technology to measure display execution, rolling out to over 5,000 Walgreens stores by 2009.  Widespread adoption beyond the rollout with Walgreens did not materialize.

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