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WANT TO BRING DIGITAL CAPABILITIES TO POINT OF PURCHASE DISPLAYS? Shelfbucks smart POP displays is bringing digital capabilities to traditional in-store Point of Purchase Displays. You already execute brilliant in-store POP merchandising.

View our eBook,  How to Optimize POP Merchandising Displays, you will learn from 2017 NRF CPG and retail experts on new technologies to improve execution and performance on your critical in-store marketing spend.  View highlights of each chapter below.



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 "When I think about this capability of intelligent displays at retail, it’s critically important.  It means a retailer can do a much better job of selecting displays that, over time, will show the ability to move product. This means more efficient sales.  It means incrementality to the retailer."...Peter Bond

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"For a category like batteries, where 45% of the purchase is unplanned, secondary displays are huge.  There's a massive investment on both the part of the retailer and the brand to sell them. Being able to measure the investment there, understand, and make sure that they get on the floor where they're supposed to be to really maximize sales for the category, is crucially important."...Brandon Barr

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"As the agency, we have line of sight into how, many retailers and brands are wrestling with that question.  It's great you have all the data, but there's no easy way to query it and find out what the issues are and where the problems are. There's still obviously a lot of room for improvement in the way we are currently collecting data."...Frank Krug

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"What we're looking forward to in the future is real time data that's actionable.  A technology to help the brand and the retailer partner together and fix problems.  We can ultimately do a better job with our promotions and maximize the use of their space within the store."...Brandon Barr

"Compliance has been poor over the years, and I think this technology is a great opportunity for us today."...Steve Frenda

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"Today, beyond the use of third parties and field agents, the ability to see real time on a given day and a specific store, whether or not your merchandising has been executed is extremely valuable, both to the brands and the retailers we work with."...Jill Andersen

"I think you can understand your displays better.  You can get the size right, the mix right and the SKUs right. This is crucial for both the brand and the retailer so no one is sitting on excess product."...Brandon Barr

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"This new technology, having been on the brand side as well, allows brands, (either a national manufacturer or a store brand for a retailer), to reach beyond the shelf and communicate with customers…at the moment of truth."...Peter Bond

"From a branding perspective, my category is 45% impulse.  The secondary display serves as a point of disruption for me. It helps me intercept that consumer while in-store."...Brandon Barr

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 "Using the insights to be able to identify which displays work and which displays don't, will help retailers find that happy medium of how many displays they really need on the floor."...Peter Bond

"The need to collaborate from a retailer perspective and a brand perspective would certainly help with understanding what is coming from a retailer standpoint."...Jill Andersen

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"...Displays that remain have to be the very best because that valuable retail space and that printed space on the circular are a dwindling resource"...Peter Bond

"Getting compliance is absolutely critical, and the fact of the matter is, we now have the tools within our reach to start to move this, to get another generation of compliance and personalization.  It's a terrific opportunity"...Steve Frenda

"When you know which half of your advertising is working, you'll spend in a near infinite amount because you know that you're always getting a good  return"...Brett Hurt

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NRF 2017 Panel Speakers: 

Steve Frenda:  Managing Director, Path to Purchase, EnbembleIQ

Brandon Barr:  Director of Retail Marketing and Insights for Duracell

Peter Bond:  Managing Partner of  Bond Unlimited,  

Jill Andersen:  Director of Marketing for Menasha Packaging Company

Frank Krug:  Director of Technology for TPN


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