Can SXSW Save Retail?

Mar 9, 2017 10:00:00 AM | By Edward Anderson
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 SXSW will discuss the hottest industry topics:

  • Can SXSW Save Retail?
  • Identify Gaps in Your In-store Marketing
  • Measure Cross Channel Attribution
  • Personalize your advertising for your product
  • Improve effectiveness of in-store marketing

The Location Based Marketing Association, LBMA logo.png RetailLoco @ SXSW 2017 is hosting a Sunday event that will deliver insights and trends on the latest in mobile and location-based tools and techniques for CPG's and retailers. Find out why first movers will reap the biggest benefits. This round table discussion will feature;

The panel will discuss the "Top 6 key components for winning at retail":

 Measure Cross Channel Attribution

  • Why can't you connect advertising spend on Facebook and Google to a conversion rate at the point of purchase in-store?
  • You can now control for a new variable of in-store marketing:  Knowing the display is up at the time a Facebook or Google ad ran.

 End caps:  

  • Why doesn't the most valuable space in the store have more data about it's performance...the end caps?
  • Be able to prove to a CPG that they got the correct end cap slot


  • Can you provide rich media content to the shopper at the first moment of truth...when the shopper is staring at the shelf to make a purchase?
  • Personalize your advertising for your product.

Measurement of displays:  

  • Create a continuous improvement process that provides incremental revenue and reduces costs of an efficient campaign?
  • Target the right stores and the right shoppers for specific campaigns to maximize revenue.

Most effective use of marketing and merchandising data performance:

  • Why can't we bring data measurement to parity like your car's dashboard does?
  • How do you measure effectiveness of all of your In-store collateral material not just displays?  Signage can be made smart and deliver enhanced effectiveness as well.


  • How do you protect all of your data?

All of this technology is about improving business processes.
Such as:

  • Cross channel attribution
  • In-store merchandising
  • In-store signage
  • Loss prevention

This is achieved through a business model based upon the "Internet of Things".

All of these things require:  mobile, sensors, cloud, collectors and data analytics

Don't think of these as independent things...Shelfbucks weaves them all together.

If you're a retailer or CPG brand coming to SXSW in Austin, 

Click here to register for this event at Capital Factory -  Key note speaker:

Erik McMillan - Founder & CEO Shelfbucks

Sunday, March 12, 2017 5:15 - 5:45

Shelfbucks is a proud sponsor of Retail Loco logo.png.

Capital Factory:  701 Brazos St | Suites 500 & 1600 | Austin, TX (7th & Brozos)

Topics: Identify Gaps in Your In-store Marketing, Can SXSW Save Retail?, Measure Cross Channel Attribution, Personalize your advertising for your product, Improve effectiveness of in-store marketing

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