About Shelfbucks, the merchandising optimization creator and industry disruptor.

With traditional merchandising tactics, CPG's and retailers were losing money hand over fist. We decided to end the waste.

Our vision was to develop the technology to measure and enhance the entire merchandising life cycle—including receiving daily insights on display execution—so retailers and CPG's could get useful data, track performance and plan confidently. That goal is now realized, and Shelfbucks is the #1 Real-Time Merchandising Analytics Platform.


Taking a lesson from the advancements of website technology.

Twenty years ago, website analytics were unheard of. Yet today, every website is measured and managed with digital intelligence. The same holds true for in-store merchandising. With Shelfbucks technology, merchandising is continuously monitored, measured and adjusted to deliver optimum performance while engaging shoppers at the point-of-purchase. Soon, it will be strategically unthinkable to produce in-store merchandising without built-in digital intelligence.

Real-time data science, execution, performance and share for every display, in every store, every day.

The addition of Shelfbucks technology, a small IoT beacon, to POP displays instantly provides CPG manufacturers and retailers with access to millions of new data points. Now, it's easy to measure the impact of merchandising on local, regional and national levels.

Drive behavior change with automated reminders.

Shelfbucks integrates between merchandising, supply chain and store operations to ensure peak performance. Tasks are automatically sent to stores that still have displays in the back room. Plus, you can review detailed past performance to make more profitable future campaign decisions.

Continuous innovation keeps you on the cutting edge.

Shelfbucks has a growing set of solutions and a large, developing roadmap of ideas to improve the performance of retailers and CPG's. We vow to always innovate with the goal of helping our customers succeed.

Current Solutions

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