Recap of Mike's comments 


  • I got excited about Shelfbucks because I think it'll work...I've looked at a lot of apps in my time as a CIO, and you just know they are not going to work. I think a lot retailers use those apps because they want to play in the digital game, they want to be able to say that they are doing these things. but I don't think they make any money, I don't think they achieve their objectives. But I think Shelfbucks will work.
  • Shelfbucks will work because it has a practical delivery in a coupon that customers can has something that customers can relate to in a traditional print media, and here it is on-line thru a digital delivery--so it has this cool factor of getting it thru a digital device and a traditional factor for something they are already familiar with and they can use
  • if you want to make a ten times change in technology in a retail brick and mortar experience, you have to do that one "X" at a time...if you try to do it 10X at a time, the customer is not going to be familiar with it
  • what the customer gets, is something they are familiar with, it's just now in a digital form so it has that cool factor and a traditional factor

Learn about Mike Clifford's background:

  • Retired CIO, Whole Foods
  • IT VP, Dell
  • Director IT, PepsiCo