Recap of Haley's comments

  • When I think about the future of have low cost providers on the one hand like the Walmarts, and you have high-end customer service/experience-driven brands like Nordstrom...
  • Then you have this vast sea of retailers in the middle..and all of them that aren't built around a highly differentiated customer-service proposition or a really over the top in-store experience or low cost model--they need competitive weapons at their disposal or its going to be really hard to compete going forward
  • So that's what intrigued me about gives all of these retail players a really intelligent strategic weapon to use to reach consumers in an intelligent way
  • I've sat in hundreds of focus groups of retail consumers, especially women, and the intention is always people talking about getting the lowest price as an important driver of where they shop, but every Mom I know has very hard time remembering to take the coupons with them in their purse when they go to the store...
  • It's always the intention, but it rarely happens
  • So the idea that you could just go into the retailer of your choice and be liberated from the hassle of having to carry around paper and have a retailer that is smart enough to be on your side and helping you get the prices you want without having to deal with the hassle of the paper--that idea is going to be big


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