How to Optimize POP Merchandising Displays

Chapter One

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How to Optimize POP Merchandising Displays

 Chapter One (1:03)

Steve Frenda:  

Peter Bond, what is the benefit to the retailer of improved in-store display compliance?

Peter Bond:

When I think about this capability of intelligent displays at retail, it’s critically important.

It affords retailers the ability to longitudinally effectively measure the impact of display performance.

In the past, how we would understand whether a display was actually executed is, we would send human capital out into the stores.  Those were "points in time" measurements. This new technology allows us to understand from the very beginning when a display was on the floor and how long it stayed there. This is a much more accurate view.

It means a retailer can do a much better job of selecting displays that, over time, will show the ability to move product. 

This means more efficient sales.

It means incrementality to the retailer.


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NRF 2017 Panel Speakers: 

Steve FrendaManaging Director, Path to Purchase Institute, Division of Ensemble IQ

Brandon Barr:  Director of Retail Marketing and Insights for Duracell

Peter Bond:  Managing Partner of  Bond Unlimited,  

Jill Andersen:  Director of Marketing for Menasha Packaging Company

Frank Krug:  Director of Technology for TPN

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