One of the most important things about the management team at Shelfbucks is who is leading it. With Erik McMillan we have a very unique individual. We have someone who is incredibly tenacious. He never gives up.
We have had a couple of test points along the way over the last few years. A lot of other people would have given up. Erik didn't. He pulled off some deals that still amaze me.
He proved a lot of people wrong who said you're not going to be able to do this or you're not gonna be able to do that. Erik never gave up. He stuck with it.
He's been able to raise money.
He's been able to hire great people.
He's been able to be an excellent spokes person. 
He's a passionate spokesperson for Shelfbucks.

Erik McMillan has been a great leader in inspiring the people in the company to to make into reality what his vision has been all along. The most important thing is having an effective founder and CEO.
Shelfbucks definitely has that with Erik McMillan.
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