Recap of Asif's comments

  • First of all, there's big differences between push and pull marketing and I think both are necessary in terms of a retailer's approach to driving traffic and engaging with consumers.

  • There's definitely a role on the push side for brand building and awareness and that can be done very effectively with geo-targeted notifications, whether that's in an app or over SMS and there are various frameworks to do that in.

  • From our perspective at the LBMA, we do a lot of research, so we have data that says that a push notifiction that's geo-targeted is about 6-8 times more effective than a regular push geo-fencing stores and properties and pushing notifications out to drive traffic in is a very effective strategy.

  • Once they're in the environment though, I think that's where pull technologies can make a lot of're in the store, in an're standing in front of a product display at an end cap or on a do you draw the consumers attention to a specific product? Just bombarding them with messages isn't necesarily the best've already got them in the store, that was game won...what you really want to look at is to let them decide on what they are interested in..what they're already there for.

  • If I am in a grocery store and I came in to just pick up some fruit, some toilet paper and some chicken, those are three very different things and you don't necessarily know why I'm there or why I made that quick little trip to pick up these few items that I need. But if I walk into the aisle where the toilet paper is and that's what I need and there happens to be something sitting on that shelf that's beckoning me to retrieve some information...pulling information down, that's a much more comfortable approach for the consumer than you just sending me something that I don't particularly care about.


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  • Founder and President, Location Based Marketing Association