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Recap of Kevin's background  

  • I was a technologist by trade...I was a software developer to start with. But, it wasn't long before I got into the data side of the business. I started a company with a couple other people that focused on data quality. We built that company and sold it...and became a part of a larger company.
  • We built a whole platform around marshalling all this data that companies were starting to collect, and making sense of it...because the more systems you had the more different data bases you had and trying to pull that all together and make sense of it and make it useful was very challenging... Master data management, data quality all those things came together.
  • Then I went to work for a company that was changing the way that content was being created...generating massive amounts of content, articles, videos... everything on line...and building an engine to do that, but not just do it, but also a lot of algorithms and data driven approaches to figure out what content should be created and to figure out the best way and the best place to put that.
  • Then we moved into social media-- Facebook and Twitter and those things took off and really applying data to those streams, and figuring out, how could we predict ahead of time what was going to work best in those different environments. We had to figure out what was special about Twitter and the kinds of content people wanted to consume on Twitter, and what was different about Facebook and the kinds of content people wanted to consume on Facebook.
  • That's what I have been doing for the last fifteen years.

  • EVP Development and Analytics, Shelfbucks
  • Principle, TBD Publishing ‘11 – ‘12
  • VP R&D, Demand Media ‘07 – ‘11
  • Chief Research Officer, Group 1 Software/Pitney Bowes ‘01 – ‘07
  • CTO, HotData ‘98 – ‘01