How to Optimize POP Merchandising Displays

Chapter Nine

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How to Optimize POP Merchandising Displays

Chapter Nine (:49)

Steve Frenda:  

Producing displays, as Duracell certainly knows, is an expensive endeavor.  How should you best examine the financial viability of producing displays and in-store messaging?

Brandon Barr:

I think we treat in-store displays just like any other marketing vehicle.  You're going to do a marketing mix analysis on it, and it's going to drive results. We know that when we get compliance, that stores with secondary displays drive up to 24% more sales than stores without.

For us, it really pays back.  The key is being able to get that compliance.  Being able to measure and analyze real time data that's actionable, enabling us to drive compliance, is crucial.  It’s another lever that you pull within your marketing tool bag.  But it's like anything else.

You can't just throw money at it.

It's got to perform.

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NRF 2017 Panel Speakers: 

Steve Frenda:  Managing Director, Path to Purchase

Brandon Barr:  Director of Retail Marketing and Insights for Duracell

Peter Bond:  Managing Partner of  Bond Unlimited,  

Jill Andersen:  Director of Marketing for Menasha Packaging Company

Frank Krug:  Director of Technology for TPN

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