Today the major challenge for retailers, and probably more so for CPG's, is getting better information that's more timely and at a finer level of detail. More business today is information driven. 
The more data you have, the better that information is.
The better the tools are that you have for analyzing that information.
The better you can use that information to drive your business.
A major CPG is going to have dozens of brands, in some cases many dozens and 
potentially over 100 brands.
The question is which brands do you promote?
What kind of promotions do you run?
You can't promote every single brand. Some brands respond well to promotions and others don't. If you have information that allows you to look at your entire portfolio of brands and develop a plan which is optimized for the brands that respond the best. You are going to generate more sales. You're going to generate more profit.
It all comes down to having better information.
Better tools to analyze that information.
None of this stuff existed 20 years ago, or 10 years ago. Some of the stuff we're doing doesn't even exist yet because we're just now introducing it into the market place. It will be a huge leap forward for the whole industry. 
You will be able to look at individual stores, and individual displays within a store. There are often 30 or 40 displays or more set up in an individual store. You will be able to know what each one of those is doing. This gives you tremendously powerful information for 
planning what your program should be going forward.
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