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Summary of Catherine's background

  • My name is Catherine Lindner and I am currently the Chief Merchant for Shelfbucks. Prior to joining Shelfbucks, I spent about thirteen years at Walgreens where i was, most recently, Vice-President of Retail Marketing.
  • I also spent six years in the Merchant Organization. My most recent position was Vice-President and General Merchandise Manager for the Beauty Division.
  • I joined Shelfbucks to be able to bring a real world retailers experience to some brilliant technology that was developed by the founders and the team. When I first met them, I saw that they had a great product, but I help bring an understanding of what happens day to day in a retailer and how they make decisions.
  • I firmly believe that this technology can help revolutionize retail, but an understanding of how things work inside the retailer is critical to our success.
  • Prior to my time at Walgreens, i actually spent eleven years at Information Resources Incorporated. I started my career at IRI doing pricing and promotion effectiveness modeling, so much of the work we're doing here at Shelfbucks on understanding effective promotions is back to my roots right out of undergraduate.
  • Chief Merchant, Shelfbucks
  • VP Retail Marketing, Walgreens
  • VP General Merchandise Manager, Walgreens
  • Vice President, Information Resources, Inc.