One of the most important aspects of integrating a digital component into what's traditionally been just static print merchandising is this ability to test and learn while the program is live. Of course online, that's been done for a long time now. 

That's one of the main reasons that digital marketing is so effective. It's not that digital marketers are smarter than non-digital marketers. It's that they have the ability to try things very quickly and to select what's working and then to put all their weight behind that particular message.

It's not necessarily one message, that's the other benefit. It might be five different messages that are working but with different audiences. Shelfbucks gives you the ability to really better segment your shoppers.

Then do some early testing and learning while your programs are in-store and to be able to tune those as you go. That's just adding a whole other level of possible success on top of this program that you have planned many months in advance. 

That just hasn't been available today in-store. It's always something that you had to do out of store. But of course in-store is where the shopper is making their purchasing decision. 

The ability to engage with the shopper while the shopper is making their decision is 100 times more effective than it's going to be off-line when they are sitting at home and you are trying to motivate them to then come to the store and make their decision then. We think this is really a game changer for what's been traditionally print merchandising.

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