Want more customer engagement?

Written by Bill Martin | Aug 4, 2016 7:01:16 PM


What challenges are retailers facing today?
Retailers are facing today a busy consumer. We see they are families with multiple busy kids. We see parents, husbands and wives both working.  So the time that is available for simply browsing around store to store is being limited. In 2007 we know there were 4.5 to 5 store visits for every shopping trip that was taking place.  Today it's 3 to 3.5 store visits for every shopping trip.

We know that the consumer is doing much more research on what they're about to buy well before they get to the store.   So the challenge the retailers are having is getting them into the store.  They need to have an appropriate Omni-Channel , we call it an Omni-Channel, which is the ability to engage the consumer while they are outside the store, and incent  them to come to the store.  And once they come to the store we want to convert them. We want to begin to increase their average transactions size.  We also want to incent them to go back to the website to look for more opportunities and more reasons to come back to the store.  It ends up being a loop that goes from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce and e-commerce back to brick-and-mortar.

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