Want to join the journey for smart POP displays?

Written by Ed Anderson | Jan 16, 2015 3:51:00 PM

There are millions of Point of Purchase (POP) Displays in thousands of retail stores in North America. The advent of smart phones for 70% of the shopper population along with inexpensive beacons has created an interesting opportunity to:

  • help identify which displays in which stores haven't yet been set up on the selling floor
  • measure the traffic passing by the display
  • measure the dwell time for individual displays
  • improve the shopping experience
  • initiate digital campaigns with shoppers on smart phones
  • track conversion to purchase of campaigns for displays

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG's) companies have wanted the above capabilities for ten or twenty years. Menasha and Shelfbucks are introducing these capabilities in three phases in 2015. A summary of the program:



Phase 2 and Phase 3 are essential ingredients for smarter POP displays. Until  we introduced the concept this week at Retail's Big Show in New York City, there was no easy way to verify set up. This opened up new possibilities not contemplated by retailers and CPG's. 

Reaction to smart POP display capability


Tod Szewczyk of Leo Burnett Ad Agency had this to say on twitter about this new twist to verify store set up:



Benefits of smart Point of Purchase Displays


Measuring conversion to purchase on line has been around for over ten years. But real time visibility into what works and why has been a challenge for brick and mortar retailers. That is about to change.

The benefits to CPG's:

Online content served via CPG POP merchandising

  • Deliver relevant brand content &promotions staight to the shopper's phone at the critical point of purchase decision
  • Create a customer experience that maximizes both digital and in-store shopper engagement
  • Exectue in-store merchandising as part of the total omni-channel strategy

Advanced Analytics & Measurement Capabilities

  • Established performance metrics by channel/chain/geography/store
  • Real time data; enabling immediate optimizations or modifcation to current promotions/online content


The benefits to retailers:

Online content served via CPG POP merchandising

  • Create a shopper experience that miximizes both digital and in-store shopper engagement; funded by CPGs
  • Execute in-store merchandising as part of the total omni-channel strategy
  • Deliver relevant brand content & promotions at the critical point of purchase decision

Advanced Analytics & Measurement Capabilities

  • Measure product mix& layout ahead of comp store sales
  • Real time data; traffic count and conversion
  • Performance metrics by geography/store

Incremental App Capabilities including in-store shopper location based data/knowledge


Shelfbucks and Menasha are looking for retailers and CPG's that want to join this journey.