IoT Merchandising Data and Mobile Engagement: Improve In-Store Marketing ROI

Posted by Edward Anderson on Jan 13, 2017 10:00:00 AM

12 Top Companies Tease Us With A Sneak Preview For The NRF Big Show

Shelfbucks and their Team enables CPG's and retailers to measure, manage and improve the effectiveness of in-store product merchandising programs.

Fifteen years ago website analytics were unheard of, yet today every website is digitally optimized. With new Internet of Things sensor technology, in-store merchandising can also be actively measured and adjusted.

Shelfbucks, the leading in-store shopper marketing optimization platform for consumer packaged goods (CPG) suppliers and retail stores will discuss details of the industry’s first SmartDisplay™ in-store merchandising campaigns at the 2017 NRF Big Show (Booth #4055). For the first time in retail history, a dozen of the country’s largest CPG companies launched Shelfbucks-enabled in-store merchandising display campaigns.  The 27 campaigns, created for 21 brands, provided unprecedented insights into POP product displays, including daily performance data and alerts, as well as detailed reports on merchandising supply chain, display arrival and set-up timing, sales floor execution and product sales lift.  *Point of Sale.Com  See How It Works 

Shelfbucks is sponsoring a session at the Retailer's Big Show 2017 at NRF.  You will hear from retail and CPG experts on new technologies to improve execution and performance on your critical in-store marketing spend. Speakers will be Brandon Barr from Retail Marketing and Insights, Peter Bond from Bond Unlimited, and Sarah Cunningham from TNP Retail.  On Sunday, January 15th, please stop by Hall A, Room 1A 06, Level 1 at NRF from 1:00-1:30.  Meet the Shelfbucks Team

Not going to NRF?  Look for future post on the most insightful statements and progressive ideas from this seminar.

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Shelfbucks & The Royal Group Expand Retail's Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Posted by Erik McMillan on Sep 12, 2016 7:59:41 PM

   The Royal Group will incorporate Shelfbucks
‘SmartDisplay™’ platform into     customer POP displays to enable retailers and brands to measure and optimize in-store merchandising campaigns for increased sales


AUSTIN, Texas – September 13, 2016 – Shelfbucks Inc., the leading in-store shopper marketing optimization platform, today announced it has again expanded its in-store digital marketing ecosystem by partnering with The Royal Group, a leading provider of point-of-purchase (POP) displays and related services to top U.S. consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers.


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Topics: Real value to customers, Development and Analytics, Measurement and customer value, A feedback system for customer data, building a new technology, Segment & Interact with Customers, Data is imperative for e-Commerce, Digital Marketing Ecosystem, The Royal Group, Data used where is need to be used, Packaging, Shelfbucks, Retail Merchandising Optimization Platform, SmartDisplay, Brick-and-mortar to E-commerce, CPS's & Retail

Creative use of data can improve shopper experience.

Posted by Kevin Stambaugh on Sep 6, 2016 12:54:28 PM

What kind of data does Shelfbucks provide?
The good news is our data is really used where it needs to be used. Which is informing and decision-making from the consumers perspective. The solution is not about data, the solution is about providing real value to that customer.  Providing offers for things that they are interested in, helping surface more opportunities for them, different products that they really didn't think to try.  But on the back end, there's a lot of dated that goes into that.  What I like about Shelfbucks is, in a way, it's kind of a feedback system. 

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Topics: How Millennials use Shopping Apps, Real value to customers, Development and Analytics, Measurement and customer value, A feedback system for customer data, Data is imperative for e-Commerce, Data used where is need to be used, Erik McMillan, Retail Merchandising Optimization Platform, Brick-and-mortar to E-commerce

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