Feedback is critical to improving your performance

Posted by Ed Anderson on Dec 22, 2014 10:30:00 AM
Ed Anderson

Whether you are training for bicycle race or launching an innovative retail app with beacons, feedback is critical to improving performance. The infographic below, titled How and When You're Losing Your App Users, provides a useful laundry list of things to be on the look out for when you've launched a mobile app in-store. 





Key feedback to look for:

  • Push notifications drive 88% more app launches
  • And, 52% of users have push enabled
  • Users who can't figure out how your app works are likely to abandon it.
  • Show your users the shortcuts to converting. Send an event-based in-app message.
  • Track the average time spent in the app
  • Track the average monthly launches per app


Additional ideas important at the start of introducing retail apps to your shoppers:

  • Experiment with your store personnel to show users how to get your retail app that accesses deals from beacons
  • Also, get your store personnel to spend a little time in the first 6-8 weeks with shoppers: help them navigate your app to view ratings and reviews or deals, and save deals for redemption at check-out
  • Consider giving loyalty points or a mini lottery of $$ off a shoppers next purchase.


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