Data Allows You to See Which Displays Give You a Win! Win!

Written by Cheryl Rippy | Jul 11, 2017 3:00:00 PM

Shelfbucks can increase the ROI with an interactive dashboard about program performance:

Your plan for continuous process improvement starts with:

  • Increased yield from brands’ promotional spend, optimizing trade allowance
  • Ensure the right displays are in the right stores, enhancing labor efficiency
  • Improve DSD and store service personnel visibility and communication
  • Improved store targeting over many programs and years
  • Identify the most popular displays; eliminate least popular displays
  • Improved execution while the program is on the selling floor with notifications and feed back
  • Improved SKU mix based on replacing low performing SKU's the following year where all the sales came from one product and not much from others.  
  • Reduce unplanned inventory markdowns
  • Improve the shopper experience

This is consistent with our aim to embed continuous process improvement so every program gets better every year.