Creative use of data can improve shopper experience.

Posted by Kevin Stambaugh on Sep 6, 2016 12:54:28 PM

What kind of data does Shelfbucks provide?
The good news is our data is really used where it needs to be used. Which is informing and decision-making from the consumers perspective. The solution is not about data, the solution is about providing real value to that customer.  Providing offers for things that they are interested in, helping surface more opportunities for them, different products that they really didn't think to try.  But on the back end, there's a lot of dated that goes into that.  What I like about Shelfbucks is, in a way, it's kind of a feedback system. 


As we show offers to consumers there's a nice feedback loop there where they can kind of vote and highlight. "Yeah, I'm interested in that", "I'd never be interested in that", "I'm  interested in this but not right now."  There's lots of mechanisms that can be built in there to provide a great intent loop that really highlights what the person is interested in over time. That data can be used in the aggregate of course.  It can be used across a certain geography for the retailer or certain store to see trends. Beyond that it can be used for me individually without me overtly giving you data:  filling out a questionnaire, answering questions from a store manager, those things all seem intrusive and the uptake is really low.  But if you're presenting me with offers that might be interesting to me and I can very quickly give you feedback on that by just saying, "nope not interested", "yeah, I love that".  There's an opportunity for us to learn a lot about what you as a person and as a consumer really want. I think that's where most of the power is going to come from the Shelfbucks data.

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