The top ten benefits of making Displays smart

Written by Ed Anderson | Jan 12, 2017 6:30:00 AM

CPG's and Retailers have known for a long time that the best way to drive incremental sales is with displays. What isn't known is how to put a program for continuous improvement in place so that every program you run is better the next time than it was the last time. In order to obtain data about the performance of your display programs, you have to make the displays Smart and institute Data Analytics. Adding a sensor to a POP Merchandising Display can make it smart and enable tracking through the supply chain of the retailer. You can know when it arrives at the store, when(or whether) it gets set up in the front of the store and how long it is up before it is recycled.  Now, even though efforts have been made as far back as 15 years ago to solve this problem, the technology is now affordable, deployable, and scalable. The demand for this knowledge base has been in existence for decades. The industry is ready for this now. To puncuate why the technology is more affordable, we quote McKinsey, January 2017: "we simply have computing power, with the cloud and connectivity, that is much, much lower cost than it was ever before."



The top ten benefits Shelfbucks creates by making POP Merchandising Displays Smart:

  People are surprised by the data we show them. The real value to any measurement program is in the actions taken. You must put a continuous improvement program in place so that every program you run is better the next time than it was the last time. You want to know what are the three things I can change so that my next program is better than the last one?

  Shelfbucks can help improve ROIs on merchandising programs in store in three ways: First, we help you select the best programs, second, we help target each program to the stores where it's most likely to be effective, and third, we can work with the store operations team to make sure the execution is as high as it can possibly be.

  Our solutions allows you to test messages very quickly and to focus on messages that are producing results. It's not necessarily one message. It might be five different messages, each one resonating with a different audience. Shelfbucks gives you the ability to better segment your shoppers, do some early testing and learning while your programs are in-store and then to be able to tune those approaches as you go. 

  Shelfbucks makes it really clear when programs are selling slower than they shoud be. We highlight when there's too many programs sitting in the store, making it harder to execute additional programs

  Not all SKU's are created equal. Many programs have multiple SKU's.  You'll know which SKU's are selling off your displays and which ones aren't. You can use that data for planning the next year's program to improve your revenue.

  We bring you more than just another set of data. We bring you merchandising insights that drive an immediate and real change to your business.

  Retail is complex. It's hard for your team to come together with one set of data to the benefit of your bottom line and category growth. We give you the data and insights in an easy to use way to bring your teams together to increase your sales, gross margin and category growth. We give you a continuous view of what's happening with your merchandising programs every day.

  We're generating data that's never before been accessible. We do it at massive scale. This scale allows us to do much more accurate predictive analysis using algorithms. At scale with the volume of programs of merchandising displays, it's difficult, if not impossible to do predictive analysis without algorithms and machine learning.

  We steer clear of any Personally Identifiable Information, (PII), about shoppers to minimize any risk of privacy concerns. On top of that we follow all of the best practices around security. These are well-known, but important.You want to keep your capabilities on the cutting edge, but you must simultaneously ensure customer privacy. It's got to be part of your discipline. That's why we have a dedicated security team here at Shelfbucks. We focus on that every single day.

  Shelfbucks has achieved a breakthrough in costs of gathering data. Costs are relevant; but what's more important is that value generated for CPG's is greater than their costs.