How Millenials are using mobile devices for shopping.

Written by Ed Anderson | Oct 31, 2014 6:17:00 PM

Nuggets on How Millenials Shop This Holiday Season:

  • Percentage of Millenials shopping directly from mobile devices
  • Biggest frustrations with mobile shopping apps
  • Percentage of Millenials using multiple mobile devices to shop
  • Preferences between a native app and a browser on the mobile device
  • Percentage of Millenials who abandon slow mobile device loading




Millenials biggest frustrations with mobile shopping

  • slow load times
  • small or fuzzy images
  • lack of interactive features
  • not optimized for mobile
  • slow checkout process

Have you examined where you fall short of Millenials expectations? And maybe more importantly, put a plan in place to correct shortfalls or things Millenials don't like?