A Display is a Terrible Thing to waste!

Written by Cheryl Rippy | Jun 27, 2017 3:42:56 PM

“Having the greatest offer, eye-catching graphics and ground-breaking shopper insights doesn’t count for much, however, if the P.O.P. display fails to reach the sales floor. It’s like leaving money on the table—quite literally. And the sad reality is that even the most creative programs often fall short of expectations due to the challenge of in-store compliance execution. If you were asked to come up with a dollar figure for how much your company spends on point-of-purchase materials, could you? Could anyone at your company? What about your P.O.P. compliance rate? Do you have any idea what percentage of the tens of thousands of pallet stackers, merchandisers, counter toppers, and end cap displays that get sent out to stores every year actually make it to the aisles?"Steven A. Weiss Chief Executive Officer Shop! Enhancing Retail Environments & Experiences