I became excited about Shelfbucks when I met Erik McMillan at a retail trade show. He wandered into our booth one day and asked me what we did for a living. The company I was with was measuring consumer behavior in 95,000 stores around the world.

Erik said he had a opportunity to share an idea that would allow us to measure the customer behavior once they got to the store shelf. It was kind of exciting for me when I thought this is the next level of measuring consumer behavior. What's going on inside the store.

I got really excited about the technology when he began to share with me the cost associated. The cost is relatively low. The size of it was relative small. And the fact that we could consume many of them inside a store as opposed to a single device.

So when I think about that, I think about distribution of data gathering devices throughout the store would create large volumes of data. Shelfbucks data points are exactly what the CPG wants. It will literally change the industry the way they measure performance of their point-of-sale. In doing so, it will give them all the strength and all the ammunition to drive more sales and more margin and more profit.

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