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  • Erik McMillan founder and CEO of Shelfbucks: We're at SXSW Interactive, and we've brought groups of retailers and brands over to check out the store of the future tour...which is at Tarrytown Pharmacy here, and as you can see around me, we've got Beacons on the shelf...they're Low Energy Bluetooth, iBeacons and NFC beacons built by Shelfbucks.
  • We all love shopping on line, we have great data, ratings/reviews, great come into the store and you've got to clip paper coupons still. We need to get rid of the paper coupons, especially as newspapers and direct mail are losing steam, and bring that digital technology and on line experience into the store.
  • Brett Cunningham, President of Bestfit: That means making an engaging shopping experience for the customers to get offers and information about the products in the store...that means putting powerful tools in the hands of the in store associates and employees to know who's in the store, what their buying history is, and other loyalty data, so we can create a more personal shopping experience for the shoppers.
  • Mark Newberry, owner Tarrytown Pharmacy: Tarrytown Pharmacy--we've been around for 72 years.... and one of the things we try to do to compete with other retailers is stay on top of any novel technology that's out there. Being able to not only have deals for brands that are out there, but actually have deals for our own brands so that we can move our own product...we think that's going to be valuable for us.
  • Attendee of SXSW Interactive: We came to check out the store of the future...Shelfbucks is activating the store so we can check out mobile couponing on the shelf itself. The experience was really easy, it worked right away.
  • Second attendee: It's amazing, I loved the locality of it...the fact that everything's within arm's reach.
  • First Attendee: And I think there's applications beyond coupons and offers to tell a deeper content story behind products and getting consumers more engaged with products and helping make decisions that shop.
  • Second Attendee: I know a lot of people think of this space from the client side, but they don't really know how to get to implement it, how to take five different pieces and arrange them together...and it looks like Shelfbucks has a front to back solution for them. So, that's great.
  • Mark Newberry, owner of Tarrytown Pharmacy: Within three clicks of your Apple iPhone or your Android with the app downloaded, you scan to pick up the product, you scan one more time at the register, then they are in and out of here.
  • Erik Mcmillan:  The early responses have been fantastic and our conversions from looking at the Beacon to look to buying something is a lot higher than we would have expected.
  • Mark Newberry, owner of Tarrytown Pharmacy: I had an eighty two year old woman do this yesterday on her own...she had $8 of coupons when she got up to the register, and she pulled me aside and said..."This thing's awesome ...I'm 82 years old and I was able to download, get all my coupons".."look at my basket"...she was pretty pumped. I was too.