Shelfbucks enables CPG's and retailers to measure, manage and improve the effectiveness of in-store product merchandising programs



We Help Retailers and CPGs Improve the Effectiveness of Traditional Merchandising Efforts by Tracking the Entire Lifecycle of Merchandising Displays and Delivering Comprehensive and Actionable Insights that Improve Program Performance




Detailed insights highlight actionable patterns,

resulting in program improvement and increased revenue




We Help Retailers and CPGs Convert More Shoppers to Buyers by Adding Compelling Personal Digital Experiences to Traditional Point-of-purchase Merchandising



Unique and compelling shopper experiences

turn more shoppers into loyal customers


“The addition of Shelfbucks technology to POP displays instantly provides CPG manufacturers and retailers with access to millions of new data points for measuring the impact of merchandising on local, regional and national levels, as well as historically unavailable indicators for determining product performance, and because we can now provide near real-time performance data, brands and retailers can rapidly adjust in-store campaigns based on timely information on shopper behavior.”

Will Phillips

director of retail insights and innovation

Menasha Packaging


We’ve created the perfect solutions for bringing digital insights to the physical world. 

See how we can help you take your in-store merchandising efforts to the next level.